Church Expansion Term Investments (CET) provide a higher yielding, attractive alternative to secular time deposit products. Money deposited into the CET accounts is invested in a loan pool made up to the debt of Southern Baptist Churches and SBTC affiliated ministries. The CET Investment objective is to provide a current income stream for a specified period of time while investing in local church expansion in Texas.

Investments Available to Churches and Ministries:
  • Daily Savings Account = 0.99%
  • One Month = 1.21%
  • Three Month = 1.48%
  • Six Month = 1.68%
  • Nine Month = 1.92%
  • One Year =2.22%
  • Two Year = 2.55%
  • Three Year = 2.89%
  • Five Year = 3.49%
Rates as of 5/1/2017
Note: All rates are annualized rates
* Rates are subject to change, for the current available rates please contact Southern Baptists of Texas Foundation
"CET's allow your Church to invest in Kingdom Growth and also get a good return!"
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